Keeping your documents safe

What happens with my Will when I die? The Probate Registry require your executors to produce your original/most recent Will after your death. Should your Will have been mislaid or lost, the court will presume that your Will is no longer valid, and you did not intend it for use in the event of your death. If this happens, a former Will may be used, or the laws of intestacy could apply. It is important that the Will you intend to use in the event of your death is kept in perfect condition. Should the Will be damaged, questions may be raised by the court as to the nature and reason of the damage, which could lead to the Will being rejected by the court. 

So, where to keep your Will? Most of us would assume that keeping a Will at home would be the safest place. In fact, keeping your Will at home could easily lead to it getting lost, misplaced or damaged e.g .when moving house. Statistics show that each year alone there are in excess of 1 million burglaries and over 64,000 house fires, coupled with the rising flood risks, this all leads to the uncomfortable conclusion that documents you think may be safe, probably aren’t.

But don’t panic, we can arrange for fully insured, secure storage for all your important documents. You can therefore have peace of mind that your documents will remain safe, undamaged and in no danger of falling into the wrong hands.

How can I access my documents? You and your chosen executor will be issued with identity cards. If you or they require access to your documents, simply call us and we will arrange this for you.

  • Security of a specialist document archive
  • Secure from excluded annoyed family members.
  • Safe and confidential storage
  • Secure against water damage
  • Secure against fire damage
  • Fully insured

Wherever you decide to store your Will and other important documents, always make sure that your executors know exactly where to find them.